October 11th All Events

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October 11th, 2007 (October 11 2007)DeathWerner von Trapp, member of the Trapp Family Singers (born in 1915)
October 11th, 2007 (October 11 2007)DeathDavid Lee "Tex" Hill, World War Two fighter pilot, flying ace, 1st American Volunteer Group (born in 1915)
October 11th, 2006 (October 11 2006)DeathCory Lidle, American baseball pitcher (born in 1972)Eric Idle Quotes
October 11th, 2006 (October 11 2006)DeathHoward Kerzner, Chief Executive Officer of Kerzner International (born in 1964)
October 11th, 2006 (October 11 2006)DeathBenito Martinez, Cuban who claimed to be the oldest person, died mildly ironically. Family didn t mournmostly dead also. (b. ?1880)
October 11th, 2005 (October 11 2005)DeathEdward Szczepanik, Polish economist and Prime Minister in exile (born in 1915)
October 11th, 2005 (October 11 2005)DeathShan-ul-Haq Haqqee, Linguist, and writer of Pakistan (born in 1917)
October 11th, 2004 (October 11 2004)DeathKeith Miller, Australian sportsman (born in 1919)
October 11th, 2002 (October 11 2002)EventA bomb attack in a shopping mall in Vantaa, Finland kills seven.
October 11th, 2002 (October 11 2002)DeathDina Pathak, Indian Actress (born in 1922)
October 11th, 2001 (October 11 2001)EventThe Polaroid Corporation files for federal bankruptcy protection.
October 11th, 2000 (October 11 2000)EventThe 100th Space Shuttle mission (STS-92) is flown.
October 11th, 2000 (October 11 2000)DeathDonald Dewar, First Minister of Scotland (born in 1937)
October 11th, 1998 (October 11 1998)EventA Congo Airlines Boeing 727 is shot down by rebels in Kindu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, killing 40 people.
October 11th, 1998 (October 11 1998)DeathRichard Denning, American actor (born in 1914)
October 11th, 1996 (October 11 1996)DeathLars Ahlfors, Finnish mathematician (born in 1907)
October 11th, 1996 (October 11 1996)DeathJoe Morris, C.C., LL.D., Canadian trade unionist (born in 1913)
October 11th, 1996 (October 11 1996)DeathRenato Russo, Brazilian rock singer-songwriter (born in 1960)
October 11th, 1995 (October 11 1995)BirthPrincess Luisa Maria of Belgium, Archduchess of Austria-Este
October 11th, 1993 (October 11 1993)DeathJess Thomas, American tenor (born in 1927)
October 11th, 1991 (October 11 1991)BirthChauncey Matthews, American Juniors singer
October 11th, 1991 (October 11 1991)DeathSteven Jesse Bernstein, American underground poet (suicide) (born in 1950)
October 11th, 1991 (October 11 1991)DeathRedd Foxx, American comedian and actor (born in 1922)
October 11th, 1989 (October 11 1989)BirthHenry Lau, member of Korean Boy Band Super Junior M
October 11th, 1989 (October 11 1989)BirthMichelle Wie, American golfer
October 11th, 1989 (October 11 1989)DeathM. King Hubbert, American geophysicist (born in 1904)
October 11th, 1988 (October 11 1988)DeathBonita Granville, American actress (born in 1923)
October 11th, 1987 (October 11 1987)BirthMike Conley, Jr., American basketball player
October 11th, 1986 (October 11 1986)EventCold War: U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Reykjavik, Iceland, in an effort to continue discussions about scaling back their intermediate missile arsenals in Europe. GRonald Reagan Quotes
October 11th, 1985 (October 11 1985)BirthMichelle Trachtenberg, American actress
October 11th, 1984 (October 11 1984)EventAboard the Space Shuttle Challenger, astronaut Kathryn D. Sullivan becomes the first American woman to perform a space walk.
October 11th, 1984 (October 11 1984)BirthSergio Hellings, Dutch footballer
October 11th, 1984 (October 11 1984)BirthMartha MacIsaac, Canadian actress
October 11th, 1983 (October 11 1983)BirthWilliam Sledd, American internet personality
October 11th, 1983 (October 11 1983)BirthRuslan Ponomariov, Ukrainian chess player
October 11th, 1982 (October 11 1982)EventThe Mary Rose, a Tudor gunship which sunk on July 18 1545, is raised from the sea bed in the Solent Channel, near Portsmouth.
October 11th, 1981 (October 11 1981)BirthBeau Brady, Australian Actor
October 11th, 1980 (October 11 1980)BirthNyron Nosworthy, English footballer
October 11th, 1979 (October 11 1979)BirthBae Doona, South Korean model and actress
October 11th, 1979 (October 11 1979)BirthAndy Douglas, American professional wrestler
October 11th, 1979 (October 11 1979)BirthGabe Saporta, Uruguayan-born American musician (Cobra Starship, Midtown)
October 11th, 1978 (October 11 1978)BirthKali, Angolan footballer
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthMatthew Bomer, American actor
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthDesmond Mason, American basketball player
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthClaudia Palacios, Colombian television journalist
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthTy Wigginton, American baseball player
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)DeathMacKinlay Kantor, American author (born in 1904)
October 11th, 1976 (October 11 1976)EventGeorge Washington s appointment, posthumously, to the grade of General of the Armies of the United States by congressional joint resolution Public Law 94-479 was approved by President Gerald R. Ford.Gerald Ford Quotes
October 11th, 1976 (October 11 1976)BirthEmily Deschanel, American actress
October 11th, 1976 (October 11 1976)BirthBrent Bennett, American mercenary
October 11th, 1976 (October 11 1976)DeathAlfredo Bracchi, Italian author (born in 1897)
October 11th, 1975 (October 11 1975)EventThe NBC sketch comedy/variety show Saturday Night Live debuts with George Carlin as the host and Janis Ian and Billy Preston as musical guests.George Carlin Quotes
October 11th, 1974 (October 11 1974)BirthJason Arnott, Canadian ice hockey player
October 11th, 1974 (October 11 1974)BirthTerje Haakonsen, Norwegian snowboarder
October 11th, 1973 (October 11 1973)BirthTakeshi Kaneshiro, actor/model
October 11th, 1973 (October 11 1973)BirthSteven Pressley, Scottish footballer
October 11th, 1973 (October 11 1973)BirthMike Smith, American guitarist (Snot, Limp Bizkit)
October 11th, 1973 (October 11 1973)BirthDmitri Young, American baseball player
October 11th, 1973 (October 11 1973)BirthNiki Xanthou, Greek long jumper
October 11th, 1972 (October 11 1972)BirthClaudia Black, Australian actress
October 11th, 1971 (October 11 1971)BirthMC Lyte, American rapper
October 11th, 1971 (October 11 1971)BirthPetra Haden, American musician (The Rentals)
October 11th, 1971 (October 11 1971)BirthJason Ellis, Australian professional skateboarder
October 11th, 1971 (October 11 1971)DeathChesty Puller, the most decorated Marine in history (born in 1898)
October 11th, 1970 (October 11 1970)BirthChidi Ahanotu, American football player
October 11th, 1970 (October 11 1970)BirthAndy Marriott, English footballer
October 11th, 1970 (October 11 1970)BirthMC Lyte, American rapper
October 11th, 1970 (October 11 1970)BirthU-God, American rapper (Wu-Tang Clan)
October 11th, 1970 (October 11 1970)BirthConstance Zimmer, American actress
October 11th, 1969 (October 11 1969)BirthPrince Constantijn of the Netherlands
October 11th, 1968 (October 11 1968)EventApollo program: NASA launches Apollo 7, the first successful manned Apollo mission, with astronauts Wally Schirra, Donn F. Eisele and Walter Cunningham aboard.
October 11th, 1968 (October 11 1968)BirthClaude Lapointe, Canadian ice hockey player
October 11th, 1968 (October 11 1968)BirthJane Krakowski, American actress
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)EventAfghan Prime Minister Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal resigns for health reasons
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthTony Chimel, American professional wrestling announcer
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthArtie Lange, American actor and comedian
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthDavid Starr, American race car driver
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthTazz, American professional wrestler and commentator
October 11th, 1966 (October 11 1966)BirthSolofa Fatu, aka Rikishi, American professional wrestler
October 11th, 1966 (October 11 1966)BirthLuke Perry, American actor
October 11th, 1965 (October 11 1965)BirthAlexander Hacke, German musician (Einsturzende Neubauten)
October 11th, 1965 (October 11 1965)BirthSean Patrick Flanery, American actor
October 11th, 1965 (October 11 1965)DeathDorothea Lange, American photographer (born in 1895)
October 11th, 1965 (October 11 1965)DeathWalther Stampfli, member of the Swiss Federal Council (born in 1884)
October 11th, 1964 (October 11 1964)BirthMichael J. Nelson, American actor
October 11th, 1963 (October 11 1963)BirthPrince Faisal bin Al Hussein of Jordan Hussein of Jordan Quotes
October 11th, 1963 (October 11 1963)BirthRonny Rosenthal, Israeli footballer
October 11th, 1963 (October 11 1963)DeathJean Cocteau, French writer (born in 1889)Jean Cocteau Quotes
October 11th, 1963 (October 11 1963)DeathEdith Piaf, French singer and actress (born in 1915)
October 11th, 1962 (October 11 1962)EventSecond Vatican Council: Pope John XXIII convenes the first ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church in 92 years.
October 11th, 1962 (October 11 1962)BirthNicola Bryant, English actress
October 11th, 1962 (October 11 1962)BirthJoan Cusack, American actress
October 11th, 1961 (October 11 1961)BirthNeil Buchanan, English television presenter
October 11th, 1961 (October 11 1961)BirthAmr Diab, Egyptian singer
October 11th, 1961 (October 11 1961)BirthSteve Young, American football player
October 11th, 1961 (October 11 1961)DeathChico Marx, American comedian (born in 1887)
October 11th, 1960 (October 11 1960)BirthCurt Ford, American baseball player
October 11th, 1959 (October 11 1959)BirthWayne Gardner, Australian racing driver
October 11th, 1958 (October 11 1958)EventPioneer program: NASA launches the lunar probe Pioneer 1 (the probe falls back to Earth and burns up).
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthPaul Bown, English actor
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthDawn French, Welsh comedian
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthPaul Sereno, American paleontologist
October 11th, 1956 (October 11 1956)BirthNicanor Duarte Frutos, President of Paraguay
October 11th, 1954 (October 11 1954)EventFirst Indochina War: The Viet Minh take control of North Vietnam.
October 11th, 1953 (October 11 1953)BirthDavid Morse, American actor
October 11th, 1951 (October 11 1951)BirthJean-Jacques Goldman, French singer/songwriter
October 11th, 1950 (October 11 1950)EventThe U.S. Federal Communications Commission issues the first license to broadcast television in color, to CBS
October 11th, 1950 (October 11 1950)BirthPatty Murray, American politician, senior senator from Washington
October 11th, 1948 (October 11 1948)BirthCecilia, Spanish singer-songwriter
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthAl Atkins, English musician
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthLucas Papademos, Greek economist
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthThomas Boswell, American sports columnist
October 11th, 1946 (October 11 1946)BirthSawao Kato, Japanese gymnast
October 11th, 1946 (October 11 1946)BirthOba Chandler, American convicted murderer
October 11th, 1946 (October 11 1946)BirthDaryl Hall, American musician
October 11th, 1946 (October 11 1946)BirthGary Mallaber, American musician (The Steve Miller Band)
October 11th, 1944 (October 11 1944)EventTuvinian People s Republic or formerly Tannu Tuva was annexed by the U.S.S.R
October 11th, 1944 (October 11 1944)BirthMike Fiore, American baseball player
October 11th, 1944 (October 11 1944)BirthRodney Marsh, English Footballer
October 11th, 1943 (October 11 1943)BirthJohn Nettles, English actor
October 11th, 1942 (October 11 1942)EventWorld War II: Battle of Cape EsperanceOn the northwest coast of Guadalcanal, United States Navy ships intercept and defeat a Japanese fleet on their way to reinforce troops on the island.
October 11th, 1942 (October 11 1942)BirthAmitabh Bachchan, Indian actor
October 11th, 1941 (October 11 1941)EventBeginning of the National Liberation War of Macedonia.
October 11th, 1941 (October 11 1941)BirthLester Bowie, American jazz trumpeter (died in 1999)
October 11th, 1941 (October 11 1941)BirthCharles Shyer, American film director
October 11th, 1940 (October 11 1940)DeathLluis Companys, President of Generalitat of Catalonia (shot) (born in 1882)
October 11th, 1940 (October 11 1940)DeathVito Volterra, Italian mathematician and physicist (born in 1860)
October 11th, 1939 (October 11 1939)BirthMaria Bueno, Brazilian tennis player
October 11th, 1939 (October 11 1939)BirthAustin Currie, Northern Irish politician
October 11th, 1937 (October 11 1937)BirthSir Bobby Charlton, English footballer
October 11th, 1937 (October 11 1937)BirthR. H. W. Dillard, American poet
October 11th, 1936 (October 11 1936)BirthBilly Higgins, American jazz drummer (died in 2001)
October 11th, 1935 (October 11 1935)DeathSteele Rudd, Australian author (born in 1868)
October 11th, 1932 (October 11 1932)BirthDottie West, American singer (died in 1991)
October 11th, 1931 (October 11 1931)BirthDorothy Woolfolk, American comic book editor (died in 2000)
October 11th, 1930 (October 11 1930)EventCollingwood Football Club in Melbourne, Australia, won the VFL premiership for the fourth consecutive year.
October 11th, 1930 (October 11 1930)BirthSam Johnson, American politician
October 11th, 1930 (October 11 1930)BirthLaVell Edwards, American football coach
October 11th, 1929 (October 11 1929)EventJC Penney opens store #1252 in Milford, Delaware, making it a nationwide company with stores in all 48 U.S. states.
October 11th, 1929 (October 11 1929)BirthLiselotte Pulver, Swiss actress
October 11th, 1928 (October 11 1928)BirthAlfonso de Portago, Spanish race car driver (died in 1957)
October 11th, 1927 (October 11 1927)BirthPrincess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium (died in 2005)
October 11th, 1926 (October 11 1926)BirthNeville Wran, Premier of New South Wales
October 11th, 1926 (October 11 1926)BirthNh?t H?nh, Vietnamese Zen Buddhist monk
October 11th, 1925 (October 11 1925)BirthElmore Leonard, American novelistElmore Leonard Quotes
October 11th, 1924 (October 11 1924)BirthMal Whitfield, American athlete
October 11th, 1919 (October 11 1919)BirthArt Blakey, American jazz drummer (died in 1990)Art Blakey Quotes
October 11th, 1919 (October 11 1919)BirthJean Vander Pyl, American voice actress (died in 1999)
October 11th, 1918 (October 11 1918)EventMajor Tsumani shakes Caribbean
October 11th, 1918 (October 11 1918)BirthJerome Robbins, American choreographer (died in 1998)
October 11th, 1910 (October 11 1910)EventEx-president Theodore Roosevelt becomes the first U.S. president to fly in an airplane. He flew for four minutes with Arch Hoxsey in a plane built by the Wright Brothers at Kinloch Field (Lambert-St. Louis International Airport), St. Louis, Missouri.Theodore Roosevelt Quotes
October 11th, 1906 (October 11 1906)EventSan Francisco public school board sparks United States diplomatic crisis with Japan by ordering Japanese students to be taught in racially segregated schools.
October 11th, 1905 (October 11 1905)BirthFred Trump, American real estate developer, father of Donald Trump (died in 1999)Donald Trump Quotes
October 11th, 1902 (October 11 1902)BirthJayaprakash Narayan, Indian freedom fighter and political leader (died in 1979)
October 11th, 1899 (October 11 1899)EventSecond Boer War begins: In South Africa, a war between the United Kingdom and the Boers of the Transvaal and Orange Free State erupts. The Western League was renamed the American League.
October 11th, 1899 (October 11 1899)BirthEddie Dyer, American baseball player (died in 1964)
October 11th, 1897 (October 11 1897)BirthNathan Twining, USAF general (died in 1982)
October 11th, 1896 (October 11 1896)DeathAnton Bruckner, Austrian composer (born in 1824)
October 11th, 1896 (October 11 1896)DeathEdward White Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 1829)
October 11th, 1895 (October 11 1895)BirthJakov Gotovac, Croatian composer (died in 1982)
October 11th, 1890 (October 11 1890)EventIn Washington, DC, the Daughters of the American Revolution is founded.
October 11th, 1889 (October 11 1889)DeathJames Prescott Joule, English physicist (born in 1818)
October 11th, 1885 (October 11 1885)BirthFrancois Mauriac, French author, Nobel laureate (died in 1970)Francois Mauriac Quotes
October 11th, 1884 (October 11 1884)BirthFriedrich Bergius, German chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1949)
October 11th, 1884 (October 11 1884)BirthEleanor Roosevelt, First Lady of the United States (died in 1962)Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes
October 11th, 1884 (October 11 1884)BirthSig Ruman, German-American actor (died in 1967)
October 11th, 1881 (October 11 1881)BirthHans Kelsen, Austrian legal theorist (died in 1973)
October 11th, 1872 (October 11 1872)BirthHarlan Fiske Stone, 12th Chief Justice of the United States (died in 1946)
October 11th, 1871 (October 11 1871)BirthJohan Oscar Smith, Norweigian religious leader (died in 1943)
October 11th, 1865 (October 11 1865)EventPaul Bogle led hundreds of black men and women in a march in Jamaica, starting the Morant Bay rebellion.
October 11th, 1865 (October 11 1865)BirthHans E. Kinck, Norwegian author and philologist (died in 1926) Philo Quotes
October 11th, 1864 (October 11 1864)EventCampina Grande, Brazil was established as a city.
October 11th, 1862 (October 11 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: In the aftermath of the Battle of Antietam, Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart and his men loot Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, during a raid into the north.
October 11th, 1852 (October 11 1852)EventThe University of Sydney, Australia s oldest university, is inaugurated in Sydney.
October 11th, 1852 (October 11 1852)DeathFerdinand Eisenstein, German mathematician (born in 1823)Ferdinand Eisenstein Quotes
October 11th, 1844 (October 11 1844)BirthHenry Heinz, American food manufacturer (died in 1916)
October 11th, 1821 (October 11 1821)BirthGeorge Williams, English founder of the YMCA (died in 1905)
October 11th, 1821 (October 11 1821)DeathJohn Ross Key, American judge and lawyer (born in 1754)
October 11th, 1815 (October 11 1815)BirthPierre Napoleon Bonaparte, Italian-born adventurer (died in 1881)Napoleon Bonaparte Quotes
October 11th, 1814 (October 11 1814)BirthJean Baptiste Lamy, first Archbishop of Santa Fe (died in 1888)
October 11th, 1811 (October 11 1811)EventInventor John Stevens boat, the Juliana, begins operation as the first steam-powered ferry (service between New York, New York, and Hoboken, New Jersey). Julian Quotes
October 11th, 1811 (October 11 1811)DeathJohann Conrad Ammann, Swiss physician and naturalist (born in 1724)
October 11th, 1809 (October 11 1809)EventAlong the Natchez Trace in Tennessee, explorer Meriwether Lewis dies under mysterious circumstances at an inn called Grinder s Stand.
October 11th, 1809 (October 11 1809)BirthOrson Squire Fowler, American phrenologist (died in 1887)
October 11th, 1809 (October 11 1809)DeathMeriwether Lewis, American explorer (born in 1774)
October 11th, 1788 (October 11 1788)BirthSimon Sechter, Austrian music teacher (died in 1867)
October 11th, 1786 (October 11 1786)BirthStevenson Archer, American Congressman (died in 1848)
October 11th, 1779 (October 11 1779)DeathKazimierz Pulaski, Polish fighter for American independence (born in 1745)
October 11th, 1776 (October 11 1776)EventAmerican Revolution: Battle of Valcour IslandOn Lake Champlain 15 American gunboats are defeated but give Patriot forces enough time to prepare defenses of New York City.
October 11th, 1758 (October 11 1758)BirthHeinrich Wilhelm Matthaus Olbers, German astronomer (died in 1840)
October 11th, 1738 (October 11 1738)BirthArthur Phillip, Governor of New South Wales (died in 1814)
October 11th, 1725 (October 11 1725)DeathHans Herr, Swiss-born Mennonite bishop (born in 1639)
October 11th, 1721 (October 11 1721)DeathEdward Colston, English merchant and philanthropist (born in 1636)
October 11th, 1708 (October 11 1708)DeathEhrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, German mathematician (born in 1651)
October 11th, 1705 (October 11 1705)DeathGuillaume Amontons, French physicist and instrument maker (born in 1663)
October 11th, 1675 (October 11 1675)BirthSamuel Clarke, English philosopher (died in 1729) Philo Quotes
October 11th, 1672 (October 11 1672)BirthPylyp Orlyk, Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack starshina, diplomat (died in 1742)
October 11th, 1671 (October 11 1671)BirthFrederick IV of Denmark (died in 1730)
October 11th, 1671 (October 11 1671)BirthRichard Moungler (died in 1730)
October 11th, 1661 (October 11 1661)BirthMelchior de Polignac, French diplomat (died in 1742)
October 11th, 1634 (October 11 1634)Eventthe Burchardi flood - "the second Grote Mandrenke" killed around 15,000 men in North Friesland, Denmark and Germany.
October 11th, 1616 (October 11 1616)BirthAndreas Gryphius, German writer (died in 1664)
October 11th, 1614 (October 11 1614)EventAdriaen Block and 12 Amsterdam merchants petition the States General for exclusive trading rights in the New Netherland colony.
October 11th, 1582 (October 11 1582)EventBecause of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar, this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain, often causing widespread panic to the natives.
October 11th, 1531 (October 11 1531)EventHuldrych Zwingli is killed in battle with the Roman Catholic cantons of Switzerland.
October 11th, 1531 (October 11 1531)DeathHuldrych Zwingli, Swiss Protestant leader (born in 1484)
October 11th, 1424 (October 11 1424)DeathJan Zizka, leader of the Hussites (born in 1360)
October 11th, 1347 (October 11 1347)DeathLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1282)
October 11th, 1335 (October 11 1335)BirthTaejo of Joseon, ruler of Korea (died in 1408)
October 11th, 1303 (October 11 1303)DeathPope Boniface VIII
October 11th, 1188 (October 11 1188)DeathRobert I of Dreux, son of Louis VI of France

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