October 11 2007

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October 11th, 2007 (October 11 2007)DeathWerner von Trapp, member of the Trapp Family Singers (born in 1915)
October 11th, 2007 (October 11 2007)DeathDavid Lee "Tex" Hill, World War Two fighter pilot, flying ace, 1st American Volunteer Group (born in 1915)
October 11th, 1987 (October 11 1987)BirthMike Conley, Jr., American basketball player
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthMatthew Bomer, American actor
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthDesmond Mason, American basketball player
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthClaudia Palacios, Colombian television journalist
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)BirthTy Wigginton, American baseball player
October 11th, 1977 (October 11 1977)DeathMacKinlay Kantor, American author (born in 1904)
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)EventAfghan Prime Minister Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal resigns for health reasons
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthTony Chimel, American professional wrestling announcer
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthArtie Lange, American actor and comedian
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthDavid Starr, American race car driver
October 11th, 1967 (October 11 1967)BirthTazz, American professional wrestler and commentator
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthPaul Bown, English actor
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthDawn French, Welsh comedian
October 11th, 1957 (October 11 1957)BirthPaul Sereno, American paleontologist
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthAl Atkins, English musician
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthLucas Papademos, Greek economist
October 11th, 1947 (October 11 1947)BirthThomas Boswell, American sports columnist
October 11th, 1937 (October 11 1937)BirthSir Bobby Charlton, English footballer
October 11th, 1937 (October 11 1937)BirthR. H. W. Dillard, American poet
October 11th, 1927 (October 11 1927)BirthPrincess Josephine-Charlotte of Belgium (died in 2005)
October 11th, 1897 (October 11 1897)BirthNathan Twining, USAF general (died in 1982)
October 11th, 1347 (October 11 1347)DeathLouis IV, Holy Roman Emperor (born in 1282)

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